About Us

SenaCare is a subsidiary of SENA LLC, a private company registered in the United States since 2004. It was founded by several social entrepreneurs with the philosophy of modern healthy living. This entails implementing the ever evolving modern technology with traditional innovative healthcare. We are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and hope to expand our reach throughout the U.S. and globally by forming strategic partners with the same goals. Our members are hard working honest individuals with a firm base in traditional home moral values. We are transparent in all that we do and ask that in return from who we deal with. The future of health care is evolving and we would like to consider SenaCare to be in the middle of this changing field. We look forward to the changes to come, while maintaining the integrity of good old fashioned honest health care. Please contact us below and we hope to meet you in the near future.

The SenaCare Difference:

  • Industry insider opinions
  • Highly Trained US licensed and board certified Physicians and healthcare providers
  • Local and International offices
  • We are always accessible, unlike other companies
  • Years of Experience, with a proven track record and references
  • No conflict of interest when it comes to patient care and evacuation
  • Collaborations with Top world renowned US doctors and medical centers
  • Guaranteed best price in the industry
  • We reduce your overhead medical costs
  • Highest level of privacy and confidentiality
  • Service and loyalty you can count on
  • We treat you like family

We Currently have physicians licensed in:

  • USA: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, with more to come
  • Africa: Nigeria
  • Middle East: Lebanon
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Russia
  • Asia: Philipines, Australia, India

Branches to open up soon:

Lagos, Port Hartcourt, Accra, Dubai, London, Sydney, Delhi, Manila, Rio De Janeiro, and more.

SenaCare Doctors

Some of our team members and consultants:

Dr. Anthony Wehbe DO, MBA:
Founder and President/ Physician caretaker

Dr. Wehbe has over 10 years experience in executive management. With his entrepreneurial roots, he assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to achieve SENA's mission. Through the years he founded several companies encompassing various industries from marketing to retail. His education includes a B.S. in Biology and Business Administration from St. Joseph's University, and a Master in Business Administration from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia PA; and a Doctor of Osteopathy from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He also completed an internship and specialty residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with a focus on primary care and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Wehbe is on staff at several Philadelphia area hospitals, including Abington Memorial Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, and Atlanticare Regional Medical center, with licenses in PA, NJ, and NY.

Please feel free to contact him directly at DrWehbe@Senacare.com or DrWehbe@senaLLC.com

Mr. Joseph Wehbe Jr:
Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Wehbe has been involved with various entrepreneurial start-ups in the US and globally. He has endless experience in organizational development and procurement. He manages all the logistics of SenaCare and SENA LLC throughout our various locations. A graduate of the prestigious Fordham University Business School in New York City, he has received several awards for excellence in the business world. Mr Wehbe has been a leader in various projects and endeavours we undertake globally, and he will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


Cassandra Cipoletti:
Managing Director of US Operations

Ms. Cipoletti’s international travel and work experience has endowed her with an understanding of global business practices and cultural immersion. After completing her degree in Business and Foreign Languages, she continued her language studies while teaching in Clermont-Ferrand France. Prior to SenaCare, she worked in the worlds of both healthcare and finance. In her spare time she runs marathons to raise funds and awareness for blood cancer research, serves as an alumni advisor for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Villanova Chapter, and enjoys traveling. Cassandra is an integral part to the daily US operations of SenaCare. She works directly with patients and clients as a care manager, as well as run the US administrative details of our operations. If you would like reach her, you can email her directly at:

Mr. David Tien:
Director of Information Techonology

Mr. Tien has been in the IT world for over 16 years, with a vast knowledge in systems development and maintenance. His skills allow us to remain on top of the new technological advancements occurring daily. We produce some of our products and provide the utmost security to all our networks. He ensures that our technology partners provide the highest quality possible and keep the interest of our patients as priority. Mr. Tien graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Chemistry and Information Technology. He will be glad to answer any of your technical questions.


Mrs. Socorro Pinili, MS:
Operations Director, Nutrition Department

With over 35 years of experience in direct patient care and higher education, Mrs. Pinili brings a tremendous asset to our company. She strives to keep our operations focused on our ultimate goal, which is patient care. She believes in always remembering that the patients come first, regardless of what services and products we provide. She heads many focus groups to test out new ideas and products. She has several degrees in economics, education, and nutrition.


Dr. Ellen M.E. Wedemeyer, EdD, MBA:
Patient Education and Communication

Dr. Wedemeyer has a B.S. from Princeton University, a doctorate in education from Indiana University, and an MBA from Saint Joseph's University. She has overseen the education of 70,000 students and has a National Column published monthly. Among her many accolades and achievements, she was recently chosen among 100 people in the country to participate in a symposium at Harvard on education. Among her many achievements, she is most proud of establishing and leading a choir of young children with special needs, who have achieved notoriety in the Philadelphia region. Dr. Wedemeyer adds an essential niche to our philosophy and business model by directing our patient centered programs.


Dr. Amine Issa, PhD:
Biomedical engineering and technology

Dr. Issa has years of experience in biomedical engineering and technology from the Mayo Clinic. He has experience in research involving neurosience. Through the years, he has attempted to bridge his scientific knowledge with telemedicine and emerging technologies. He leads our product development teams and focuses on emerging techonologes from around the globe.


Mr. Hubert Jarema:
Director of Internet Operations and Webmaster

Hubert has a major in computer science. He handles our online projects and manages our secure internet platforms. He has experience in web design and computer systems management. Throughout his time with SenaCare, he has shown dedication to our values and mission by helping our clients directly. If you have any technical question or need assitance with our products or online platforms, please do not hesitate to reach Hubert at hubert.jarema@senacare.com

Physician Consultants:

  • Dr. Nitesh Mody- Medical Information Technology.
  • Dr. Rajen Mehta- Primary Care Advisory.
  • Dr. Zeina Ghayad- Infectious Diseases, tropical medicine, and remote medicine.

We have a team of hardworking staff members and associates including nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical assistants, nurses aid, paramedics, technicians, technologists, security specialists, and many more.