Expert opinion

This division of SENA was launched when we were faced with finding an expert for a rare medical condition in our family. We understand the trials and tribulations that come with facing a new diagnosis. It can be traumatizing to the patient including all the family members and friends, to say the least.

We approach this service with an understanding of both sides of the difficult process that comes with handling a medical diagnosis. We try to ease the process as much as possible in order to find you THE BEST solutions for your health care needs.

There are many physician and health care facility rankings out there based on formulas and popularity contests. Being in the medical field and having been on the patient side, we have developed a methodical process that combines physician clinical experience, colleague referral history, research, facility errors, facility outcomes, and much more proprietary methods to find the right solution.

We believe that by working with you and understanding your disease from a medical stand point, we can refer you to the leaders in that particular field. Whether you prefer modern medicine, traditional medicine, or holistic options, we will provide you with all the information you need. We do not maintain a list and simply give you a name, as many companies do. Our physicians and health care providers work closely with you and your needs. We then do an extensive research based on the data we have and current/ future expectation before we refer you to the right location.

There are endless physicians and health care options today that it has become difficult to find exactly what you need. We are honored that you would chose us in helping make the most critical decision of your life, and we take our responsibility very seriously as though you are one of our family members.

Please ">contact us for more details, we look forward to hearing from you.