Offshore Remote Medicine

We believe that we are capable of providing a unique service to you and your employee members that will set you apart from your competitors and keep your organization functioning well. We offer several turnkey medical services that are based on our telemedicine solutions. In brief, we set up a clinic at your offshore/ remote facility and link to our onshore physicians in the USA, West Africa, or the Middle East (and expanding). We are flexible in that we can provide this service together with your current medical set up, or start a whole new clinic for you.

SenaCare Doctors

The SenaCare offshore Telemedicine difference:

  • American board certified physicians
  • Superior health care providers
  • Experienced telemedicine staff
  • Non biased objective care
  • Save money on less emergency evacuations
  • Separate your emergency evacuation providers from your medical staff
  • High quality urgent and emergency medical care
  • Affordable care and medications
  • Affordable modern proprietary telemedicine equipment
  • Guaranteed lowest price in the industry
  • A global reach
  • Access to a wide range of medical specialties (see About us page with doctor profiles)
  • Our treating doctors are the actual founders of the company
  • You have constant access to high level of medical care
  • We manufacture and assemble our own Telemedicine equipment
  • Partnerships with world leading HSE organizations
  • We adapt to your current medical setup
  • Our services are based on integrated personalized care for each individual person away in dangerous rigs.
    In order to maintain a high levels of care and service, our teams are led by U.S. trained and board certified physicians.
    We provide services through our proprietory telemedicine set up that links our skilled physicians with your remote location.
    We have several levels of services that can be tailored to your needs to also include a highly trained medical staff member at your location.
    Our staff coordinates all the logistics to insure the safety of your personnel. We have partnered with the world leaders in
    telemedicine services and HSE services to provide the best possible healthcare solutions for your employees.

    Our ever expanding medical services include:

    • General adult medicine
    • Preventative health
    • Cardiovascular medicine
    • Primary care
    • Specialty remote consultations (all sub-specialties)
    • Laboratory testing and imaging
    • Specialist medical referrals
    • clinic set up- with equipment, medications, and staffing
    • Telemedicine (online virtual clinic, email, SMS, online EMR)
    • Emergent evacuation services through our partners
    • and much more

    The difference in SenaCare is that we are always accessible. We seek your interest first. There is no conflict of interest with evacuating patients in emergency cases, since we do not manage the evacuation process. We save you money and provide you with peace of mind for your company's most valuable assets, the employees.

    We believe that your organization will benefit tremendously from our telemedicine healthcare services, in providing high quality medical care at an affordable price. You can contact us to view a detailed demonstration of our proprietary equipment. Please feel free to reach us directly at:

    Head office in the US:
    +1-215-878-1056, +1-866-891-2002

    West Africa offshore Telemedicine services (Nigerian offshore telemedicine services & Ghana offshore telemedicine services)
    +234(0)806-970-7881, +234-9-8734471