Telemed Consulting

Telemedicine Consulting services for healthcare providers, employers, organizations, government, etc.

We have spent years in the telemedicine industry examining trends and emerging technologies. At the same time, our company has partnered with leaders in the telemedicine industry. We offer our clients endless options to incorporate or launch a telemedicine practice and solution. From our turnkey virtual clinics to staffing and expert analysis, rest assured that we will provide you with affordable plans to launch the best possible telemedicine services and join the future of medicine. All our models are Title II HIPPA compliant. Our products and services are created by physicians and healthcare workers for our colleagues. Being in the “daily trenches of medicine,” we know what it’s like to work with patients first hand. And thus we have tailored our products to suite both the providers and patients together. Our company has partnered with many reputable companies that you know and have relied on throughout the years in your daily lives. We genuinely believe that the future of medicine depends on the new technological advances being made daily, in order to keep our patients healthy and provide a superior quality of life. At the same time, we want to maintain the traditional humanism of medicine that has succeeded for generations past.

Be ahead of the game. Insurance companies (Blue cross) have pilot programs underway in several states, with great preliminary results. Also, medicare/ medicade is sponsoring programs nationwide to study the benefits of telemedicine. The AMA (the american medical association) has recently taken many initiatives towards telemedicine and its accesibilities [Links to articles].

Potential Telemedicine clients: physicians of all specialties, urgent care centers, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, remote clinics, hospitals of all scales from small community hospitals to large teaching institutions, etc…

Potential Clients

Health Care:

  • Hospitals: post discharge follow up
  • Nursing Homes: constant monitoring, subacute services
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Rehab facilities
  • Rural health/ non-medical facilities
  • Home Health visits
  • Multiple physician offices link up
  • Physician virtual clinic as a supplement to current set up
  • Remote and mobile clinics
  • Emergency room consultations
  • Community/ Inner City health clinics
  • Urgent Care centers and clinics

Entertainment resorts: Vacation resorts

Corporate business facility (small to large corporations)

Remote facilities: offshore oil platforms/rigs, construction sites, research facilities, etc

Education facilities: Universities, High schools, K thru 12 schools

Misc: Airlines for in-flight access to care

Government: Prisons, government facilities, etc