Telemed Services

SENA Internal Medicine virtual clinic:

We provide a tailored plan that offers primary care/ General Adult Internal Medicine services based on your needs. Through the years, we have formed relationships throughout the medical field, and we can refer you to these experts in order to provide the best care possible.

You can combine any of the services listed bellow for a low monthly fee:

  1. Virtual clinic access using your own hardware: i.e.: Computer (PC or Mac), webcam, microphone, internet access. Software will be provided.
  2. Virtual clinic access using our hardware and software: we send a health care provider with the equipment (i.e.: nurses, nurses aid, medical technician, etc)
  3. Unlimited Email Access
  4. Unlimited Mobile Phone Text Messages/ SMS
  5. Online Chatting Using: Skype, Google Chat, AOL IM, etc [based on security settings]
  6. Electronic Prescriptions (where available)
  7. Electronic Laboratory and Imaging requests
  8. Unlimited access to your integrated electronic/ online medical records
  9. Combination of Physician home care visits with telemedicine access
  10. Combination of seeing our physicians at our clinics with telemedicine access
  11. Referrals to Sub-Specialist (i.e.: Cardiology, Surgery, Oncology, etc…)
  12. Free sample medications when available

Future Telemedicine consultations through SENA Health:

  • Internal Medicine Sub-Specialties: Cardiology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Pulmonology, Critical Care, Hematology, Oncology, etc…
  • Intensive Care medicine
  • Dermatology (tele derm)
  • Psychiatry (tele psych)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Trauma (tele trauma)
  • Travel Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Neurology (tele neuro)
  • Hospitalist (tele doc)
  • ENT
  • Gerneral Surgery (the future looks promising with remotely controled equipment)
  • Surgical Subspecialty: neurosurgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, transplant surgery, orthopaedic surgery, etc
  • Urology
  • Many more…


Our prices vary based on the combination of services offered above. We accept most form of payments, including paypal, credit cards, checks, and cash.

We can offer plans that start from $30/ month to $200/ month based on your needs. Our billing offices and providers work with our patients to accommodate your financial needs and limitations. We understand the difficult financial hardships many face, and we will work with you.

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Non-membership plans*:

  • First time patients
  • Sick visits
  • Maintenance visits
  • Medication refills
  • Forms/ Physicals: immigration, universities, school, etc

Some of our sample membership plans using your own basic equipment*:

  • Basic plan: $30/ month- annual in person physical exam and health maintenance visit, unlimited email correspondence, 2 virtual clinic appointments.
  • Silver plan: $50/ month- in addition to the basic plan, 5 virtual clinic appointments, unlimited online chatting.
  • Gold plan: $100/ month- in addition to the silver plan, unlimited virtual clinic visits, unlimited cell phone and text messaging capabilities.

Extra charges as needed*:

  • $250 for house call visits
  • $50 for virtual clinic visit with appointment
  • $60 for virtual clinic visit walk in with no appointment
  • $20-40 for extra paperwork
  • $75 for routine physicals with appointment

Home Health Visits from our healthcare staff using our equipment to link to our physicians in the SenaCare virtual clinic:

Basic plan: rates vary

Silver plan: rates vary

Gold plan: rates vary

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* Please Note: All prices are approximate and are subject to change. Thanks for your understanding.