SENA Health aims to incorporate modern technology into our patient's health. We use state of the art technology to bring our physicians to you via a virtual clinic. Our staff can also meet you at any location of your choice with all the necessary equipment to meet your physician in a virtual clinic. Our services are meant to compliment the physician-patient relationship. Our technology is sophisticated enough to allow the physician to perform a full exam as if being in the same room with the patient, except for palpation (which we have a healthcare worker on the patient end to assist with). There is a tremendous need for modern telemedicine on both the patient and physician aspect of care, and we are here to provide for that need to the best of our ability.

The SenaCare difference:

  • proprietary equipment assembled in house, allowing for lower cost to consumers.
  • our physicians are the founders and telemedicine providers, allowing for lower cost to the consumer
  • our physicians are actively practicing traditional medicine along with modern telemedicine, thus providing real life treatments
  • we have American board physicians covering all major specialties and not just emergency medicine
  • we have various pricing models that integrate with our client needs
  • affordable telemedicine services with the best quality in the industry -our doctors make the difference because we are senacare and not just part time doctors -we bring the highest quality of care and doctors to you, wherever you are.

Although modern technology provides us with great opportunities in medicine, we DO NOT want to loose the humanism in medicine that is the essence of healthcare. For that reason, we want the physician and patient to feel as though they are across from each other in the same room while in the virtual clinic. The proprietary hardware we provide (stethoscope, exam camera, otoscope, etc) and software/ firmware allows for that constant exchange of information between the caretaker and patient as though they are across from each other in the same room. Many new online companies do not provide this integrated form of virtual medicine that SenaCare provides at a very low affordable cost for everyone in association with the world leaders in the field of telemedicine.

How our system works:

The patient registers with SenaCare, and we match them with a preferred physician based on their needs and requests. An appointment is made and the patient receives an email that links them instantly into the virtual clinic where the physician is waiting for them to meet face to face. All this in done in minutes. There is no waiting, no hassle of filling papers, no burden of transportation, etc. This all happens where you want it and when you want it. This is the future of medicine.

Benefits to patients:

  • Don't waste valuable vacation or sick days to go see your physicians.
  • Don't waste valuable time off from work.
  • Don't spend hours waiting in a doctor's office.
  • We bring the doctors to you.
  • Constant and instant remote access from anywhere in the world.
  • Guaranteed access to highly trained physicians.
  • Proven Telemedicine for over 15 years

Benefits to employers, insurance companies, and providers:

  • Provide high quality care on site for your staff.
  • Increase patient moral and sense of security with 24 hour physician coverage.
  • Low cost medical coverage.
  • Integrated with your existing health care system

Benefits to physicians and health care facilities:

  • Flexibility in seeing your patients
  • Face to Face personal virtual visits, instead of phone communication.
  • Instant access to your (remote) patients.
  • High patient satisfaction
  • High quality of care by partnering with experts from around the world
  • Incorporate telemedicine with your existing practice/ Telemedicine house calls
  • Low cost, highly secure technology- meeting HIPPA regulations
  • Opportunities for volunteer work to underprivileged areas
  • Be ahead of the game. This is the future of medicine.