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As physicians and health care providers who have lost weight and helped many in losing weight, we have developed a method that we believe is a simple and effective way to achieve your weight loss goal. At SenaCare we understand the danger of the obesity epidemic and want to provide an easy option to combat this devastating problem. Through the years we have tried and researched the numerous diets out there, in order to develop one that is very “doable” for everyone.

Our plan incorporates scientific methods and a great support system to lose weight that is very affordable and accommodating. Loosing weight and living a health life is a choice that you need to make. We will be there with you every step of the way to aid in achieving your goal.

We all know the true way of losing weight: eat less and exercise.

To summarize our plan: we developed a weight loss regimen that suits your personality based on the 5 types of dieters; we cut your calories by limiting your meals to 1 to 2 large meals and eat our SENA bars through the day.

The SENA bars are to be eaten throughout the day to encourage a constant hyper-metabolic state that promotes weight loss. The bars contain vitamins, appetite suppressants, and natural products that promote a sense of “being full.”

Description of our SENA Bars:

  • Ingredients:
  • How we make them.
  • [bars details and pics]
  • Description of our recommended meals under 500 calories:
    • Applebees
    • Lean cuisine.
    • Types of dieters: based on research, there are 5 types of dieters.

    1: The support seeke
    You're the one who turns to friends and pros for answers. (If it worked for Oprah, it can work for you, right?) In college you had study buddies, shopping partners, and best friends who consoled you after miserable dates and psyched you up to try your hand at love again. You'd never have made it down the aisle without the help of a few older, wiser friends, and you couldn't handle colic and postpartum blues without those 1 a.m. phone calls to your sister-in-law.

    Weight loss type 2: The serial snacker

    You're a stay-at-home mom, an account manager on the road or part of an office team of estrogen-charged women. You're in need of a little weight loss help because of your snacking style. Perhaps you don't like to cook, and with the kids, the husband, and the deadlines, who has time for three squares a day anyway? Your typical snacks consist of toast, peanut butter, chocolate, cookies, cereal, and when you're feeling extra virtuous, yogurt, bananas, or baby carrots. When you do find yourself cooking a true meal, you're usually too full from taste testing to enjoy regular-sized portions and the balance of healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats that they provide ?• until snack time comes around, of course, when it seems easier to unwrap a granola bar than heat up a plate of leftover veggies.

    Weight loss type 3: The free spirit

    You refuse to eat anything "lite" just because someone tells you it's lower in calories. You have better things to do than count calories, carbs or grams of fat, and you're too rebellious to follow a step-by-step chart outlining what to eat at each meal. You take your work, social life, and family seriously, but have no desire to devote mounds of effort to something as mundane as food. Weight loss for you will have to be simple and natural, with few rules - and always open to change.

    Weight loss type 4: The sweet tooth

    You've got a sweet tooth, and everyone from your husband, to your daughter, to your aunt who bakes your favorite Mississippi mud pie every Easter knows it. Some days the label gets old, but the truth is, if you're a sweet tooth dieter, you'd never turn down brownies for banana chips, and you've seldom met a piece of chocolate you didn't like. Combine a sweet tooth dieter with a serial snacker, and you've got double trouble on your hands.

    Weight loss type 5: The distracted diner

    Multitasking may be a busy woman's best time-saver, but it sure isn't good for your health or your waistline. If you tend to do at least two or three things at once - and one of them is often snacking - you're likely a distracted diner with little clue about how much you're really eating. Whether it's the dashboard or the desktop that keeps you from paying full attention while you eat, you'll find your best weight loss help can come from simply slowing down.

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