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new jobs for residents

Resident doctors and Fellowship doctors

What can we do for you?

You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel; to find the right jobs after residency. You've always had advisors, mentors, and counselors to get you thru schooling and training. Let's help you find a rewarding career that fits your goals. Our services for resident doctor include:

  • Advice on how to look for your dream job
  • What to look for in a potential job
  • How to market and sell yourself
  • Maximize your contract & benefits, using professionally trained negotiators
  • Get support from our women's health consultants
  • Learn from our mistakes in various markets

Discounts for new graduates

Contact us now and ask for our special discount for new graduates. We know funds are limited as a resident or fellow. So let's help you find the right job for residents and the right job for fellows! As physicians, we've been there and know what's it's like. 

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